Can’t Pay HMRC Debt?

Struggling to pay PAYE?

Can’t Afford to pay VAT bill?

One of the most common problems businesses face when they run into cashflow problems is that they can’t pay HMRC bills for VAT and PAYE.


They fall into arrears with HMRC and are faced with the threat of Sherriff’s Officers, having their bank accounts frozen or being served with a winding up petition.

This can be a stressful situation for any business owner to find themselves in.

What can you do to buy more time if you can’t pay HMRC debt?


Ask for Extra Time to Pay

Firstly you should ask HMRC for extra time to pay. It is normal for them to agree to give businesses 3-6 months to pay overdue debt. This should be requested before they start enforcement proceedings.


Make Sure that you have no cash in any Company bank account

If HMRC put an arrestment on your bank account it could put you out of business. You won’t be able to pay wages or suppliers. Make sure you have another account, preferably in a different company name. They won’t be able to arrest the funds in that account.


Make sure the address you have registered with HMRC is not your home or business trading address

Nobody wants to have Sherriff’s Officers or debt collectors turn up at their home or business address. You can have your registered address with HMRC at a business centre or mail drop that just deals with your mail. That way you won’t get unwanted visitors to your home or place of business.


Have any significant assets in the name of another non trading Company

You can easily register cars, vans and other significant movable assets in the name of another limited Company. You should keep the paperwork to hand. You’ll want to be able to prove to Sherriff’s Officers that you own nothing if they show up.

Consider switching your trading to a new, clean company

If you’re going to have difficulty paying the HMRC debt, even with a time to pay plan in place you need to get plans in place to protect your business and assets immediately.


Help is available now.....

You can transfer your business and assets to a new company and close down the business that can’t pay HMRC debt.


All of the strategies for businesses that can’t pay VAT bills or can’t pay HMRC for PAYE have been tried and tested.


It’s unlikely that Insolvency Practitioners will be able to advise you with any of them as they’ll be conflicted with their duty to act in the best interest of your creditors.


You can see the fundamental conflict they have here? They can’t look after your interests and the interests of your creditors simultaneously. They have no choice but to be on the side of your creditors and not your side.

Here at Fortress we work only for you. We protect your interests and structure your business in a robust way with iron clad legal agreements to protect you, your business and your assets.


Get in touch with us today if you can’t pay HMRC for VAT, PAYE or Corporation tax. We are Scotland’s leading restructuring and asset protection experts.

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