Key Differences Between Using an Insolvency Practitioner and Fortress

Insolvency Practitioner


Acts only on behalf of Your Creditors

Insolvency Practitioners are highly regulated. They have a professional body to answer to and a license to protect. They will act only on behalf of your creditors.


Takes Control of All Your Assets Immediately

An insolvency practitioner will take control of all your assets as soon as he is appointed. You won't be able to use any business assets. He will disrupt your attempts to start a new business.


Insolvency is Advertised in Local Press

Insolvency Practitioners are obliged to adbertise their appointments, either in a local newspaper or in the Edinburgh Gazette.


Files Reports with Government Agencies

Insolvency Practitioners are obliged to file reports to government agencies on your activities. 

Fortress Restructuring


Act only in YOUR interests

We are not regulated and therefore have a much higher degree of freedom to operate only in your interests. Our entire business model is to protect our clients and get them through tough situations.


Leaves You in Control

We work with you to make sure that you stay in control. If your goal is to start a new business we'll make sure your assets are legally protected and firmly under your control.


Completely Confidential

Our service is completely confidential. There is no insolvency so no need to advertise it anywhere.


File Nothing with 3rd Parties

We work only for you and are not obliged to share information with any third party.

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