How to Protect Your Business and Assets

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We can protect your business and lifestyle by legally eliminating your debts and restructuring your business.

Debts eliminated can include:


VAT Debts

PAYE Debts

Legal Actions

Trade Creditors

Employment Tribunals

Bank Debt

Unsecured Loans

Turn Negative cashflow into positive cashflow overnight….


A new slim lined, cash positive business……


Slash costs

Fewer employees (Without expensive redundancy costs)

Terminate expensive leases (without any penalties)

Lower professional costs

End leases on surplus equipment and vehicles (without termination costs)


Now is the time to take massive action to turn your business around.


You don’t want your business only to get by. You want it to be a cash generation machine.


How many times have you had a VAT bill due that you just don’t have the cash to pay? Same with PAYE……As soon as you’re a day late they’re on the phone demanding immediate payment.


They don’t care about your problems. They want money and they want it now!


They expect you to beg, borrow or steal to get it or else they send in the Sheriff’s Officers to seize your property.

Life doesn’t have to be like this……..

We can stop to all this now and deliver you a nice, shiny debt free, streamlined Company.


If it’s structured carefully you might even be able to collect your old debts while having little in the way of creditors to pay out.


Imagine no more VAT, PAYE or creditors for the next 2-3 months while your customers continue to pay you as normal.

We can put all this together in a way that’s confidential, legal and hassle free for you. Our team are the leading experts in this field. We are hated by traditional Insolvency Practitioners because we are sharing secrets that they can’t.


We are giving you the real advice to genuinely help you and your business that they can’t or won’t give you.


|If you'd like help restructuring or closing  your business (perhaps for free) email: or click here

We can help with your insolvency and restructuring strategy, including:

Eliminate Debt

Nominee Directors and Shareholders

Protect Your Assets and Lifestyle

Winding Up Petitions

HMRC Issues