We Acquire and Provide Funding to Distressed Companies


We acquire and invest in businesses which are distressed. We acquire non-core and under- performing subsidiaries and we buy businesses where the shareholders must sell quickly.

We work with a wide range of financial institutions and business advisors and can close deals and provide funding quickly.


We work across a variety of industries and typically work with existing or incoming management teams to provide operational and financial support.

Non-Core Subsidiary Acquisition

There are lots of good reasons Companies choose to dispose of subsidiaries. They could be draining cash, under-performing or no longer a strategic fit. We can move quickly to acquire non-core businesses in most sectors.


Distressed Company Acquisition

Businesses get into difficult situations for many reasons. It may be the loss of a major client, an unexpected tax debt or a large bad debt. Whatever the situation we can acquire distressed companies. We can act quickly and have closed deals in less than 72 hours.


Urgent Business Sales


Whether it be death, divorce or the need to dispose of a loss making subsidiary before the annual results, we can help. We can make a fast offer for most business types and follow through to completion quickly.

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