Who we Are.......

Business Meeting

We are a team of entrepreneurs and former insolvency practitioners. We have lived and breathed insolvency for years.

Either we have been in the position of running businesses in financial difficulties, offering legal advice to insolvent businesses or acting as liquidator to insolvent businesses.

We noticed that more and more clients were being misled by Insolvency Practitioners.

 They were not being advised of the full legal risks and potential consequences of putting their company through an insolvency process.

 We have seen countless people who thought they were dealing with a friendly insolvency practitioner who had been recommended by a trusted lawyer, accountant or friend turn hostile on them and go after their houses and other personal assets.

 We have seen so called friendly insolvency practitioners bring in the police and other authorities to investigate clients.

We felt that a change was needed. Directors needed an alternative solution to winding up their companies. Directors wanted someone who was completely on their side and not conflicted.

We do not have any regulator to satisfy or any legal obligations to inform government departments about anything.

We are on your side from start to finish.

That is why we created Fortress Restructuring. Our business, indeed our mission, is to help you get through this stressful and difficult time and come out the other side completely unscathed.